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About the Farm

Welcome to Armells Creek Dairy Goats! Armells Creek is owned by the Goettlich family, primarily ran by Lexie Goettlich. Lexie is the person you will most likely talk to for sales and questions! We hope you enjoy exploring our website!

Our ranch/farm is located in central Montana, just outside of Lewistown. I have selectively purchased stock we want to build off of to create well bred dairy goats. I strive for excellent milk production, while also balancing structure. I aspire to have friendly goats as well. 

"Armells Creek" came from a creek that runs through part of our land. This adventure of ADGA registered Nigerian dwarfs only began in August 2020, but we have already come a long ways since then! 

All of our Nigerian dwarf does and bucks are ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association) registered. We have a clean tested herd (will update the annual doe biosecurity in fall of 2021). Bucks have all been recently tested as of August 2021. 

We have recently added boer goats. All boer does and bucks are ABGA (American Boer Goat Association) registered. We have a clean tested herd for CL, CAE, Johnes, and Brucellosis. I have also selectively purchased stock to strive for structure and balance, while also focusing on temperament. 

About Me:
Hello! I am Lexie Goettlich. I'm currently a junior in high school who has found a passion for breeding dairy goats. I'm advised by my parents, Trent and Laurie Goettlich. My two sisters are also very helpful with this adventure. I am very grateful to say I also have many mentors that have assisted and guided me! Although I'm younger, I strongly believe in the lines I have in my herd. From growing up on a ranch, I have learned responsibility, work ethic, and persistence. I'm very excited to see where this passion leads me and what opportunities it will bring. I have already met such amazing people that have had an impact on my life.

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